Chaudion's Auction
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Auction Facts

:Registering as a Bidder:

When you enter the auction house, to your east side there will be an office.  If you intend on purchasing any items you must register for a bid number.  To do so, you will need your license at the office window during registration.  We will give you a bidding number, take care of it as if it were your credit card. If you lose it, tell a staff member immediately! 

:Bidding on Items:

Listen closely to the auctioneer to hear what you think the item is worth and then raise your bid number high, so the auctioneer or ring assistants can see your bid.  If you have questions concerning the price of an item, just ask one of the ring assistants.  Once you have won the item, you are responsible for securing the item and then paying for it at the office window.  Remember when you bid, you are making a verbal contract with you and the auctioneer.


Our auction accepts Indiana (local) checks, cash, Visa, or MasterCard. On-site auctions only accept cash or Indiana checks.
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