Chaudion's Auction
*Full Service*
(317) 984-9200/Cell 409-6112  Cicero, IN 46034
Our Auctioneer

* Charley Chaudion - Owner & Manager
Charley - BossSam Olsen - Clerk
Max - Ringman
Office - Sheila Chaudion
She will sign you in to receive a bidding number and answer any questions you may have.  If she can't answer your question, then she will find someone who will be able to. After bidding on items, Sheila will tally up your final sales receipt and then collect the amount owed.
Ringman or clerk - They will retrieve items for bidding.  They will answer any questions about the item to their knowledge before the auctioneer starts to sell the item.  These are the auctioneer assistants to confirm your bid correctly.
Jack Stansberry - Ring Assistant
Our Staff will ensure the highest quality of service to all customers.  We are friendly and we are some of the best.  We want you to have a good time again and again.  We want to gain your trust and through that, it takes satisfaction; therefore we constantly try to serve you the best way we possibly can.  

"We Work for You"
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Tom Hunt - Ring Assistand